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12 April 2012


MS Balmoral Retraces Titanic Route on Memorial Cruise

BALMORAL RETRACES TITANICS ROUTE ON MEMORIAL CRUISE, THIS CRUISE BELONG TO FRED OLSEND CRUISE LINES; Relatives of victims through Nicolas with Dai cruise getaway travel retrace the path of the death on this 100 year anniversary weekend.


12 April 2012


Congratuations and Welcome to join us

We would like to say Congratuations and Welcome all new Employee to be New Crewmember for Cruise Lines Job, please check your name here. For the candidates who are passed interview please kindly contact back to confirm and get the advise from our Bahia Staff regarding neccessary documents that you should prepare before start work.


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11 April 2012

List of Interviewee

Date: 18 November 2011

First Name Last Name Position Comment Recommendation
Mr.Sithiphat Pho-suay Demi Chef De Parties       3 Asst. Chef Only
Mr.Weerasak Phon-a-mart Uty Houskeeping/Busboy/Asst Bar       2 Needs Experience & Practice
Mr.Kitti Sanaojit  Busboy/Asst Bar Waiter        3  
Ms.Pailin Sajjanit Asst Bar Waitess       3 Can be a bartender also
Ms.Ngamvilai Saehuang Spa Therapist        4 Well Experience
Ms.Narttaya Khor-rosklang Asst Bar Waitess       2 No work experience yet
Ms. Suphitcha Bunard Spa Therapist        3  
Ms.Prissana  Lunboosha Asst Bar Waitess       3  
Ms.Thanyarat Puriso Asst Bar Waitess       2 Learn to listen well

Legend: English Communication Skill Assessment

5 - Very Good 

4 - Good

3 - Acceptable

2 - Needs Improvement or Practice (Not Hired)

1 - Poor (Not Hirable)

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