Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Allotment and Deduction

Allotment and Deduction


1. How the employee gets paid?

Maritime employees who are paid monthly wages on the salary scale by a collective bargaining agreement (Collective Bargaining Agreements) or contract their labor

2. Is the wages or salary always in US dollar?

No, the currency varies depending on the CBAs or Employment Agreements, however most of the Thai seafarers employed by foreign principals are paid in USD dollars.

3. How is the monthly wages paid to Employees?

Common practice is that Monthly wages will be paid in cash on board. Cruises will transfer one time without charge and allotment can be made in accordance with the request. (Fees may apply).

4. What is an allotment?

Allotment is the Seafarers' monthly wages remitted to their designated allottees or dependents based in Thailand.

5. How much is the montly allotment (s) to given to the allotee (s)?  

Thai crew is not labor standards provisions in the contract.

6. How is the allotment received by the allottee(s)?

Allottee(s) received their allotment(s) thru banks in Thailand allotments are deposited to the allottee(s)' accounts' every last working day of the month. Allottee(s) received their allotments in Thai Baht and not in US dollar.

7. What is the exchange rate used by the manning agents in converting the allotment(s) from US dollar to Thai Baht?

The exhange rate varies from time to time. The exchange rate used is based on the bank's exchange rate on the date the payroll money is deposited by the foreign Principals to the manning agent's Thailand based bank.

8. What are the banks use by Bahia Manpower (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in the remitting the allotment(s) of their seafarers?

All banks in Thailand.

9. What are the deductions made on the allotment?(s)?

Deductions in the distribution of income varies by Principal, each depending on what is specified in the agreement, collective bargaining or contract workers such as contribute to Union of Seafarer.