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Junior Nurse

Job Title   : Junior Nurse

Authority:   Delegated authority by the Captain.

Reporting to:   Nursing Officer / The Ship’s Doctor

Main Responsibilities:

- To work alongside one of the ships nurses until competent to carry out basic nursing duties without supervision
- To assist the Ships Doctor and other nursing staff in maintaining / monitoring the health and medical comfort of the ship’s passengers and crew
- To maintain the efficient running of the ship’s Medical Centre (MC) by keeping all areas clean, tidy and well stocked, ready for use at all times
- To promote good communication between all the members of the medical team including accurate documentation in both passenger and crew medical records and reporting to the Nursing Officer
- To be punctual and present during MC Opening Times to assist the doctor and nursing staff to provide a high standard of nursing care
- To carry out administrative duties in the medical centre
- To carry out regular water testing according to the schedule and report these findings on the Daily Water Reporting forms
- To assist in any medical emergencies and repatriations under supervision
- Must be familiar with the ship’s “Emergency Plan”, the “Muster List”, the ship’s “Code of Conduct” and the “S.M.S”.

Special responsibilities:

- To be familiar with the Company Gastro Outbreak Control Plan especially the procedures relating  to the medical department
- To complete and E mail daily reports of  Gastroenteritis to the relevant  people on board and shore side
- To assist in maintaining an organized and well stocked on board pharmacy
- To assist in the dispensing of medications as prescribed by the ships doctor with supervision
- To be familiar with the company Controlled Drugs policy and assist in ordering, checking and  safe storage of Controlled Drugs
- To be trained in the use of the Fidelio Material Management System (MMS) in order to be able to monitor stock levels, remove used stock from the system and order new stock.
- To learn how to use the MICROS system for billing passengers to ensure all passengers seen by the medical staff are billed correctly and receive their medical receipts
- To maintain the crew medical records –

• at the beginning of each cruise ensure every crew member has an individual Crew Medical History Sheet
• to transfer crew Medical Records to the appropriate ships as crew move
• to send the Crew Medical records to the Medical Administrator for storage when the crew leave the company

- Assist in completing the routine medical centre checks and documenting on the correct Checklists
- To learn how to use the equipment in the medical centre by reading the Instruction manuals & instruction from the Nursing Officer
- Reporting of any broken or damaged medical equipment to the Nursing Officer
- Monitoring and replenishing of first aid boxes and emergency eye wash stations throughout the ship and updating those beyond their usage date.
- Assist in the 3 monthly checks of all Food handlers
- Carry out hygiene inspection of designated areas with members of Hygiene Committee and attend Hygiene Committee meetings
- Attend monthly Safety and Junior and Senior Management meetings as needed.
- Assist in ensuring a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for every department is available in the medical centre
- Ensuring “End of Cruise” paperwork, i.e. Accident Forms, Letters and Medical Report are completed and filled correctly
- To assist in  the safe off loading of out of date stock and Sharps Bins
- To promote a good working environment in the medical centre and report any problems to the Nursing Officer

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