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Job Title  : Senior Hostess/Host & Hostess/Host
Reports To  : Cruise Director

Main Responsibilities:

- Work as a team member.
- Follow “Clean as You Go” work habits.
- Perform any special duty requested by Cruise Director & Deputy Cruise Director.
- Follow safe work routines and notify your supervisor of any dangerous or unsafe place within your assigned area of work.
- Make frequent suggestions to your supervisors in order to improve standards and to keep your interest in your job.
- Keep your personal appearance in top shape and therefore be able to give “Meet & Greet” service of the highest standard.
- Attend any meeting of the entertainment staff called by the Cruise Director or Deputy Cruise Director.
- Perform all “Meet & Greet” duties during embarkation/disembarkation and during the cruise as requested by Cruise Director or Deputy Cruise Director.
- Attend all Cabaret Welcome meetings.
- Library duties during opening hours. Keep track of borrowed books; keep the inventory list up to date. Any lost books or special requests should be reported accordingly.
- Compulsory attendance to cocktail parties and introduction duties, as well as directing and seating of guests during parties.
- Perform and assist, as directed by Cruise Director, Deputy Cruise Director or Senior Hostess, with any daytime and/or evening activities that are included in the program for guest enjoyment and entertainment.
- Assist with spotlight operation, as directed by Cruise Director/Deputy Cruise Director/Stage Manager, and when required, prepare and set up entertainers’ props during Showtime. In general, assist where necessary to ensure a smooth operation of all professional entertainment and activities.
- When required, card room attendance, setting up of card room competitions and the execution of the competitions. Also to sign up guests for future tournaments. The list of card room items should be kept up to date. Missing or new items to be ordered through the Cruise Director or the Deputy Cruise Director.
- Socialise with guests during shows, with special attention to elderly guests, guests travelling alone, children and disabled guests.
- Arrange and host travelling alone parties.
- Assist and socialise with guests during special theme nights, gala buffet, etc.
- Decoration of lounges and decks, as advised, in accordance with theme nights and deck party themes. This also includes assisting with the removal of decorations and equipment at the end of a theme night.
- If required, visit/contact (as appropriate) sick guests in their cabins to make sure that they are looked after properly.
- During rough weather, assist guests in moving around and make sure all guests in lounges and cabins are as comfortable as possible.
- Assist Shop Staff with Fashion shows, and assist all other departments with the various shows and demonstrations for our guests.
- Organise Hospitality Meeting Point (“Host/ess Corner”) so you are available for guests who want to chat with you over a cup of tea or coffee, as well as socialise and introduce guests to each other.
- Prepare for and assist the chefs and waiters when demonstrating vegetable/ice carving and napkin folding/table setting.
- Register guests for various activities (i.e. talent show/deck sports) and assist in handing out prize points.
- You should be present at B.B.Q. parties and all other parties and events organised for the guests.
- Sign up guests for the various shows and assist in handing out prizes.
- Be available for embarkation and disembarkation duties as instructed.
- Assist with tender duties and the assembly of guests in lounges prior to disembarkation. Distribute tender boarding cards when and as required. Lead guests to the landing stage as and when launches are available. Assist with shore-side tender duties as specified in the SMS job description of “Shore-side Tender Duties and Responsibilities when at Anchor”.
- If required, do tour escort duties.
- Keep your cabin clean & tidy. No food items, no cooking utensils, etc. are allowed in your cabin. Random cabin inspection will be carried out an irregular hours.
- Please refer to the Vessel SMS - Chapter 5 - Hotel Procedures, for further guidance on what your role entails.
- Must be familiar with ship’s “Code of Conduct”, “Emergency Plan”, the “Muster List” and the “S.M.S.” manuals.
- This is an outline of your duties. You may be called upon to perform other ad-hoc duties when required.
- The Host/hostess should familiarise themselves with Company instructions and procedures relevant to their positions.

The substitute for the Host/Hostess is at the discretion of the Cruise Director.

Senior Hostess/Host only

- Assisting the Deputy Cruise Director with scheduling duties for the Host/ess.
- Responsible for regular stock taking of prizes, fancy goods at the end of every cruise (approximately every 2 weeks).
- Placing orders to the Entertainments Office, Ipswich as and when required.
- Liaise with Multi Media Coordinator regarding the schedule and selection of “free to air” movies.
- Senior Host/ess is the direct liaise with Arts & Craft instructors, arranging assistance from Stage dept where required.
- Responsible for finding out if exhibition is required and assisting with any requirements to make sure it runs smoothly.
- Senior Host/ess is direct liaise with Children’s Host/ess when onboard. Assistance to be given in preparing the Junior Cruisers Daily Times and arranging with various Heads of Depts. to ensure all scheduled activities proceed as planned.
- Training new team members.
- The Senior Host/ess is the substitute for the Deputy Cruise Director position.


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