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Job Title  : Hotel Maintenance Crew / Hotel Maintenance Crew Junior

Reports To  : Hotel Manager

Main Responsibilities:

- Work as a team member.
- Follow “Clean As You Go” work habits.
- Perform any special duties requested by the Hotel Manager.
- Follow safe work routines and notify your supervisor of any dangerous or unsafe place within your area.
- Make frequent suggestions to ship’s Management in order to improve standard and to keep your interest in your work.
- Responsible for ordering and issuing appropriate requisitions.
- Responsible for carrying out appropriate stocks of agreed items, as well as inventory checks.
- Responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness in your workshop and workplace.
- Responsible for checking deliveries of materials for carpentry work, especially if quantity and quality in accordance with the ordered standard.
- Work closely together with your team mates and colleagues.
- Responsible for all the daily maintenance work within the Hotel Department.
- Responsible for correct storage and safekeeping of all paint, thinners, etc.
- To maintain a well groomed personal appearance.
- Keep own cabin clean and tidy.   No food items or cooking utensils are permitted in own cabin. Random cabin inspections may be carried out at irregular hours.
- All meals to be taken in crew mess.
- Must be familiar with ship’s “Code of Conduct”, “Emergency Plan”, the “Muster List” and the “S.M.S.” manuals.
- This is an outline of your duties. You may be called upon to perform other ad-hoc duties when required.
- The Hotel Maintenance Crew / Hotel Maintenance Crew Junior should familiarize himself with Company instructions and procedures relevant to his position.

The substitute for the Hotel Maintenance Crew / Hotel Maintenance Crew Junior is at the discretion of the Hotel Manager.

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