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Job Title  : Asst. Receptionist / Assistant Receptionist Junior
Side Duty  : Asst. Flight Co-ordinator
Reports to  : Reception Manager
Hotel Manager, Side Duty

Main Responsibilities:

- Work as a team member.

- Follow “Clean as You Go “work habits.

- Perform any special duty requested by Reception Manager or Senior Receptionist.

- Follow safe work routines and notify your supervisor of any dangerous or unsafe place within your working area or areas commented on by guests.

- Responsible for following the daily and weekly routines in the Reception, supervised by the Reception Manager. This includes keeping reception area clean & tidy at all times, front office as well as the back office.

- All guests’ questions, requests, problems or complaints must be dealt with promptly and politely. Any problems or difficulties must be reported to Reception Manager or the Hotel Manager Accordingly, as well as entered in to the guests Comments log book.

- The dress code set by the Ship’s Management is to be followed at all times.

- All communications e.g. faxes, mail, memos, letters etc received in reception for Guests and Crew are to be distributed without delay. !!!Observe-Confidentiality!!!

- Assist in keeping files of all crew changes, guests list (w/amendments). Observe Confidentiality, none of said lists to be left “floating” around, none of these to be used as scrap paper with personal information on pax & crew still readable.

- Cabin upgrades to be charged accordingly to guest account as advised by Reception Manager.

- Assisting in keeping a log book of lost & damage reports, lost & found properties, as well as correct lists of guests & crew/staff figures at all times.

- To report shortage of stock, stationary, or equipment to Reception Manager or Senior Receptionist for re-ordering.

- Responsible for keeping a sufficient stock of post cards, films, batteries, stamp (through Agent), maps, brochures & telephone cards where available.

- Responsible for the sale of the postcards, postage (either stamp or price of postage added on guests account on Micros), also for the guests & Company mail to be prepared at least hour prior ship’s departure time & sent of with the ships agent. A record of number of letters & cards to be kept & agent to sign for received letters and cards.

- Assisting the Reception Manager in keeping head-office in Ipswich & other relevant offices and agents updated on every crew/staff change by mail and to co-operate with the Account office in sending full updated crew list to Personnel, Ipswich & Fred. Olsen Marine Services AS, Oslo on every turn around.

- Responsible for safekeeping of cash received for safety box deposit boxes and for registration of boxes in use. Also responsible for charging to guest account costs relating to hire of electrical adapters and for sale and deposit for cards for Internet.

- Assisting in sending Company, guests & crew communications (fax, mail), accepting/ filing of telephone calls and keeping a record of every transmission in the log.

- Responsible for receiving payment from guests at the end of each cruise and also for individual payment for phone calls, guests laundry, medical fees and administration of ordering and payment of duty free goods.

- Responsible for operating the foreign exchange using the Fidelio system during banking hours for guests. Ensure that all monies are balanced by the end of each shift.

- Assistant Receptionists also responsible to make sure that all photocopying requested is carried out during night or during idle opening hours, as well as accounted for.

- Help and assist with Flight Co-ordinator’s duties when requested from Hotel Manager on behalf of Operation Department, Ipswich, you will then assist assigned responsible person with collection of tickets, seat allocation, giving info and  help to guests etc.  As requested.

- Keep your cabin clean & tidy. No food items, no cooking utensils, e.g. are allowed in your cabin. Random cabin inspection might be carried out at irregular hours.

- All meals to be taken in crew mess.
- Personal appearance to be kept in top shape and therefor be able to give “meet & greet” service of the highest standard.
- Please refer to Vessel SMS - Chapter 5 - Hotel Procedures, for further guidance on what your role entails.
- Must be familiar with ship’s “Code of Conduct”, “Emergency Plans”, “General Muster List” and the “SMS” manuals.
- This is an outline of your duties. You may be called upon to perform other ad-hoc duties when required.
- The Assistant Receptionists / Assistant Receptionist Junior should familiarise herself with Company Instructions & Procedures relevant to her positions.

The substitute for the Assistant Receptionist / Assistant Receptionist Junior is at the discretion of the Hotel Manager.

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